Really bad interior design

At least, let’s have a little bit of fun. My guilty pleasure…


More pillows, please! I want to suffocate my couch and then I want to kill my living room! Tip: Get rid of at least half of furniture and decorations and hopefully we will see the space.



This is a perfect example of how it goes when someone who thinks he got it does his thing. You have tried everything but you messed it all. Tip: Fake brick walls does not make it look like a NY studio!



You didn’t want to leave any surface behind, so you covered it ALL! Sorry to tell you but the elephants are missing. Tip: Too much of a fabric is overwhelming.



 Oriental luxury wannabe bedroom! You think that horrible chandelier and that scary blanket are making your room look upscale and elegant? Tip: Keep the bed and the rug, use bright and simple cotton fabrics and burn the rest!



Really??? Someone thinks this looks good? This is what? A “glamorous” livingroom? It is just cheap and tasteless. Tips: Call an ambulance for me and an interior designer for you!