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Modern House in Oriental Blue

Creating a stylish home is never a simple task. Our challenge was to design this interior to become sophisticated and certainly stylish but in a subtle way.

The space is relaxed and inviting with a few boldly unique elements including wall decorations and patterns. Statements are made with mid-century chairs and lights wrapped in chic Oriental blue.

The bedroom design is connected with the ground floor and brings in a bit of life and personality. Soft textures, cozy bed and ambient lights creates a delicate and intimate atmosphere.

Modern House in Oriental Blue

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Comfortable and cozy house

Using calm colors like white, grey, beige, black and little bit of amber, this house is comfortable and cozy, as the owner wanted to be.

From the kitchen, the dining space, the living room, the reading corner – each of them is a combination of contemporary appliances and details wrapped in modern style.

The large bedroom is a relaxing retreat where the super-king size bed is the central piece surrounded by statement decorations and arrangements.

We invite you to see more photos of this VigoStudio project.

Comfortable and cozy house

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Mid-century modern design – Psychotherapy Office Space

A 2015 interior design project by VigoStudio.

The big challenge was to make this small space as usable and welcoming as possible but stylish in the same time. We wanted to keep that 60’s feel but updated for these modern times.

We used colours and patterns to revive the ambiance, we placed some mid-century inspired pieces  (the Tulip chairs, the Tolix chairs, the retro look sofas, the geometric wall decorations) for a modern but timeless touch.  The therapy room offers a good lightning and a grand visual statement for a tranquil feeling.

Modern mid century design

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Industrial vintage design

This is not a typical traditional house, this is an urban house.

The sweet connection between rough elements like iron, wood and wall bricks gives this home a city-like look. A few vintage items (cow rugs , chairs, decorations) were highlighted in order to transform an apparently uninviting home into a hot bohemian cozy place.

Here is a new project by VigoStudio.

Vigo studio industrial vintage design

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Mid century modern style

Mid century modern style is a growing trend. This retro “look” has made a huge come-back. This style established itself between the 30’s to the 60’s was all about clean lines and vibrant colours: yellows, blues, greens and reds often combined with black and white. If you watch the TV series Masters of Sex, Mad Men, Call the Midwife, note the furniture – that’s Mid century style!
Here’s how to get a retro-inspired look without going overboard.

10636194_752213488184632_6333716913935891967_n (1)

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